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CRE Loaded 6.15 安装的Contributions


CRE Loaded 6.15 Full List of Contributions Installed:

Value Added Features:

Admin Control By Michael Bryant
All-Prods-v2.4 Author: v 1.0 by Mat Bennett, Updated for Milestone MS 2.2 by Farrukh Saeed
All-Categories Author: Ingo Malchow, [email protected]
All-Manufacturers Author: Alex Kaiser, et al
Column Product Listing MS2 Author: David Garcia Watkins, Updated for MS2 by Michael Sasek, Additional Bugfixes by Souza
Credit Class/Gift Voucher/Discount Coupons 5.10b Author: Ian Wilson, Updated for MS2 by Strider, Additional bugfixes by Andre, Nick Stanko
Define Mainpage v1.2 Author: Mattice, Updated for MS2 by Lee Nielsen
Google Adsense SSL Safe Code Author: Tom O'Neill
OSC-Affiliate 1.09 Author: Henri Schmidhuber, Updated to BTS v1.0 by Paul Langford
Purchase Without Account Author: Cheng et al, Updated by David Graham and Tom O'Neill
SaleMaker 2.2MS2v1.01 Author: Marcel van Lieshout
Specials On Main Page by Default Author: Steve Kemp
UltraPics v1.1 Author: Lee Nielsen (MaxiDVD)
Wish List V 2.2 Author:Jesse Labrocca, Updated by Talon177
X-Sell MS2 Author: Joshua Dechant

Admin Enhancements:
Attribute_Sorter_Copier v5.1 Author: Linda McGrath
Admin With Access Levels 2.2 Author: Zaenal Muttaqin, Updated for MS2 by Seth Lake
Basic Template Structure 1.3 + Fixes Author: Brenden Vickery, Modified by Paul Langford
Category Box Enhancement 1.1 Author: Nils Petersson
DHTML Menu in Admin V. 2 Author: Matti Putkonen, Updated by Sheetal
Download_Controller v5.3 MS2.2 Author: Linda McGrath, Updated by Farrukh Saeed
Down for Maintenance v1.1b Author: Linda McGrath [email protected], Updated by Robert Hellemans
Easy Populate 2.75 Author: Tim Wasson, Updated for MS2 by Deborah Carney, Bugfixes by Deborah Carney and Ian Corner, CRE Enhancements by Tom O'Neill
Edit Orders 1.56 MS2 Author: Jonathan Hilgeman
Infobox Admin v1.1MS2 Author: Paul Langford
Meta Tag Controller/ Generator Author: Brenden Vickery, Bugfixes by xxGeek
Mysql Backup Author: The Zen Cart Team
osC-PrintOrder with Store Logo v1.0 Author: Randy Newman
Super Friendly Admin Screen - Version 2.1 Author: Kerry Watson, Updated by David Graham (nimitz1061)
Template Install & Configure V1.2 Author: Paul Langford
Who's Online Enhancement 1.3 Author: Calvin K
WYSIWYG HTML Editor for Admin 1.7 Author: Lee Nieslen
WYSIWYG HTML Editor Added to Coupons and Gift Vouchers Author: WI Benjamin

Enhanced Customer Care:
FAQ Desk 1.01 Author:Carsten aka moyashi, Updates By: Wolfen aka 241
Information System V1.1f. Author: Joeri Stegeman, addition by: Xander Witteveen and Janusz Oles
News Desk 1.48.3 Author:Carsten aka moyashi Updates By: Wolfen aka 241

Payment Modules: Consolidated 1.7 Author: Austin Renfroe, Updated by David Graham and Tom O'Neill
EFSnet Payment Module Author: John Nelson
GeoTrust/SkipJack Payment Module Author: Paul Kim
PayBox Payment Module Author: Emmanuel Alliel
Paypal Shopping Cart IPN 2.8 Author: Greg Baboolal, CRE Integration by David M. Graham
Pay Junction payment module Author: Robert Krimen [email protected]
Quick Commerce Pro payment module Author: Tom O'Neill (zip1) based on 1.7

Shipping Modules:

FedEx 1.11 MS2 Author: Steve Fatula
UPS Choice 1.8 Author: Fritz Clapp
USPS Methods 2.5 Author: Brad Waite, Updated for MS2 by Brad Waite/Fritz Clapp
Zone World 2.0 Author: Elari and Friends of Zone World CRE Loaded integration : David Graham

Order Total Modules:

Qty discount v1.41 Author: Joshua Dechant


MonthlySales&Tax1.55 Author: Fritz Clapp

InfoBox Additions:

Banner-ad-in-a-box V1.1 Author: Aubrey Kilian
Category Tree Author: Gideon Romm
Category Drop Down Author: David Garcia Watkins, Fixes by Brian Kiggin and Paul Boekholt
Credit Card in a Boxes for OSC Author: [email protected], Updated by elari
Donate for Nonprofit Site Author: Anon
Google Ad Box Author: Tom O'Neill
Shop by Price Author: Meltus, Updated for admin control by Charles Williams



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