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WordPress插件 Calendar日历插件和ImageCounter图片计数插件


Calendar Example
My very first plugin. A plain and simple calendar that allows you to add events to a specific day and make them viewable by all of your WordPress visitors.

All of the events can be managed through the administration panel. You can also fully costumize the colors of your calendar so it suits your wordpress perfectly.Calendar Administration Panel

Fully compatible with IExplorer, Firefox, Opera and Netscape.

Current version: 2.0 - Last updated: 2nd February 2006
Download [md5: 6983012f1564363b8ac45ed8798ebb26]


ImageCounter Examples
Generates an image using another one that the user selected to be used as as background. At the administration panel you can fully customize the counter: font, font size, text position, background image, font angle, font color, etc. Supports GD and TTF fonts, depending on your server's configuration.

Current version: 1.0 - Last updated: 17th January 2006
Download [md5: 55acecd9f3548888c5ea11c69108441f]

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