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PHP结合Ext JS的开源项目PHP-Ext

PHP-EXT把Ext JS用PHP封装了, 如果你不喜欢去写JS, 现在可以写PHP了.

项目及下载地址 :

官方网站上带了不少的Example和Source, 可以好好看看.






The PHP-Ext Open Source Project

PHP-Ext is an open source widget library written for PHP 4 and 5 to empower the UI Layer.
It is based on Ext JS javascript widgets which provide a standard and powerful API to build Rich Internet Applications. It basically works as a convenient wrapper for the Ext JS Javascript Objects.

Among other features, PHP-Ext provides useful and common controls to create forms, rich comboboxes, powerful grids and menus. It also promotes the use of JSON and XML client/server communication to populate forms and grids using Ajax. Additionally it has a Javascript helper to ease the javascript code generation and use.

This project still in beta so keep comming for the final release. Take a look at the samples.

Feel free to download the src and samples to try it out and don't forget to write back your comments and suggestions.

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