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最佳RSS阅读器Omea 完全开源免费

最佳RSS阅读器JetBrains Omea 完全开源免费


Jetbrains OMEA曾荣获15届Jolt大奖.Jetbrains Omea是一个综合RSS阅读,邮件、任务等管理的IIM(智能信息管理) ,是目前我觉得最好用的RSS阅读软件,功能和界面都不比FeedDemon差,甚至很多方面做的更好一些,而且它目前既免费又开源。

Omea Reader的优点:强大的分类管理、多种浏览方式、界面漂亮、操作方便功能强大、节省系统资源等等

Jetbrains Omea开源所有源程序和相关库,采用GNU GPL v2 License版权申明。

Omea我已经使用了几天了, 功能太让我满意了, 给100分! 功能强大到我都不知道怎么介绍了.
唯一不足的地方, 就是它只有英文版.习惯中文的朋友其实不妨用用看, 也不难的, 习惯了就好, 以前我也很惧英文软件, 现在用多了就好了, 也有助于英文的学习.
就像WordPress的后台一样, 我一直都是用英文的.

以前用GoogleReader, 鲜果等RSS在线阅读器一小段时间
由于信息量太大了,懒得去看,就没用了,再说我没有保留COOKIE和缓存的习惯, 每次用起来都要登录也不方便.

作为RSS的阅读器, 我并不推荐在线的, 相反离线的更好, 因为传输的数据量更小, 信息的管理界面更人性化.
速度和功能, 都是桌面版的RSS阅读器领先.

国产的几个阅读器试过, 都不满意
国外最流行的不外乎FeedDemon, 不过是商业化软件, 功能也不如Omea强大.
还有其他一些RSS阅读器我试过不少, 就不评论了, 因为在Omea面前, 他们只能无语.
所以其他的大家也不必试了, 免得浪费时间.

JetBrains Omea下载地址 :
Omea Reader (RSS阅读器)和Omea Pro (增强版), 自己选择, 建议使用Reader就好.

来几张JetBrains Omea的图片说话, 有图有证据

Omea RSS阅读功能

Omea 邮件功能

Omea 文件分类管理功能(增强版)

Omea Wordspaces功能

Omea 新闻组功能

Omea 任务管理功能

Omea 查找功能

Omea 高级功能

Jetbrains Omea官方的英文简介

Why Omea Reader

  • All-in-one feed reader: Read RSS feeds, Atom feeds. Also read newsgroups and bookmarked web pages, all in one easy to use information environment.
    Stay Organized: It's easy to organize and categorize your RSS feeds, and you can automate the process with a few clicks.
  • Search: Find specific information quickly with Omea Reader's desktop search functionality.
    Browser Integration: Subscribe to feeds, directly from your browser, within seconds. Omea will find the feed for you even if you can't see an RSS link
    Contextual access: Create custom Views to separate your resources based on their characteristics. Create custom Workspaces to divide your work info from your personal info, or from your projects. See only what you want, with one click.
  • Manage Podcasts: Download podcasts directly through Omea, and keep them organized.
    Helpful extras: Create Clippings - excerpts from larger documents that you can file, search, and link. Use an array of Flags to help you set priorities and remember to follow up. Tack your own free-form notes onto any resource with Annotations.
  • Compatibility: Omea Reader runs on the same database as Omea Pro, so you can try Reader now and upgrade to Pro later without losing any of your resources or preferences.
  • Extensibility: Developers can extend and customize Omea Reader by writing plugins using the Omea Open API.

JetBrains Omea下载地址 :
Omea Reader (RSS阅读器)和Omea Pro (增强版), 自己选择, 建议使用Reader就好.

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