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10 Edit In-Place Ajax Scripts

In an Era of Ajax and an increase use of Edit in place, I decided to put together a list of edit in place scripts. I hope this list will help you in your quest to make your web application or website more user friendly. This list is in no particular order.

  1. tEditable - In place editing for tables using the jQuery Framework. It works by allowing you to that edit cells in a table and posted to a server using Ajax.
  2. Ajax.InPlaceSelect - This script allows you to change the certain text with a drop down list. It is written with the scriptaculous framework and is very similar to Ajax.In Place Editor.
  3. Ajax.In Place Editor - Allows you to edit text either in a single line or multi line format. It is written with the scriptaculous framework.
  4. Flicker-Like edit in place - This script removes the use of outdated form interfaces. It will allow you to edit the date in place in real time. It is written with no framework just Ajax. Since its name is Flicker-like you can image that it is very similar to flicker.
  5. Jeditable - Edit In Place Plugin For jQuery. This is different from tEditable because it works by allowing you to edit a block of text.
  6. inlineEdit2 - Is a lightweight, easy solution at 2KB uncompressed. It is written with mooTools. It allows you to edit the text very easily just by clicking on the text and hit enter when done. This Script doesn’t show a text box when editing.
  7. Seamless inline text editing -Written for ASP.Net. It works like the rest of them by clicking on the text and it will become editable.
  8. Yahoo UI  Edit in Place - This edit in place uses the Yahoo UI Library.   The effect is very similar to Flicker.  But also allows you to edit lists.
  9.  Edit in place - Is written without any framework and written by  This script allows you to edit HTML on the page.  This script also allows you to sort, edit lists, and has a slide show sorter.
  10. - Is written with the Prototype Framework and allows you to edit text and even have an empty text field that you can edit and save.  It also has edit in place drop down list. 

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