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Multipart Internet Mail Extensions (MIME)

Description of Data Content Typical Filename Extensions MIME type/subtype
Text and Text-Related Types    
HTML text data (RFC 1866) html htm text/html
Plain text: documents; program listings txt c c++ pl cc h text/plain
Richtext (obsolete - replaced by text/enriched)   text/richtext
Structure enhanced text (etx?) text/x-setext
Enriched text markup (RFC 1896)   text/enriched
Tab-separated values (tabular) (tsv?) text/tab-separated-values
SGML documents (RFC 1874)   text/sgml
Speech synthesis data (MVP Solutions) talk text/x-speech
Document Stylesheet Types    
Cascading Stylesheets css text/css
DSSSL-online stylesheets   application/dsssl (proposed)
Image Types    
GIF gif image/gif
X-Windows bitmap (b/w) xbm image/x-xbitmap
X-Windows pixelmap (8-bit color) xpm image/x-xpixmap
Portable Network Graphics png image/x-png
Image Exchange Format (RFC 1314) ief image/ief
JPEG jpeg jpg jpe image/jpeg
TIFF tiff tif image/tiff
RGB rgb image/rgb
Group III Fax (RFC 1494) g3f image/g3fax
X Windowdump format xwd image/x-xwindowdump
Macintosh PICT format pict image/x-pict
PPM (UNIX PPM package) ppm image/x-portable-pixmap
PGM (UNIX PPM package) pgm image/x-portable-graymap
PBM (UNIX PPM package) pbm image/x-portable-bitmap
PNM (UNIX PPM package) pnm image/x-portable-anymap
Microsoft Windows bitmap bmp image/x-ms-bmp
CMU raster ras image/x-cmu-raster
Kodak Photo-CD pcd image/x-photo-cd
Computer Graphics Metafile cgm image/cgm
North Am. Presentation Layer Protocol   image/naplps
CALS Type 1 or 2 mil cal image/x-cals
Fractal Image Format (Iterated Systems) fif image/fif
QuickSilver active image (Micrografx) dsf image/x-mgx-dsf
CMX vector image (Corel) cmx image/x-cmx
Wavelet-compressed (Summus) wi image/wavelet
AutoCad Drawing (SoftSource) dwg image/vnd.dwg
AutoCad DXF file (SoftSource) dxf image/vnd.dxf
Simple Vector Format (SoftSource) svf image/vnd.svf
    also vector/x-svf
Audio/Voice/Music Related Types    
"basic"audio - 8-bit u-law PCM au snd audio/basic
Macintosh audio format (AIpple) aif aiff aifc audio/x-aiff
Microsoft audio wav audio/x-wav
MPEG audio mpa abs mpega audio/x-mpeg
MPEG-2 audio mp2a mpa2 audio/x-mpeg-2
compressed speech (Echo Speech Corp.) es audio/echospeech
Toolvox speech audio (Voxware) vox audio/voxware
RapidTransit compressed audio (Fast Man) lcc application/fastman
Realaudio (Progressive Networks) ra ram application/x-pn-realaudio
NIFF music notation data format   application/
MIDI music data mmid x-music/x-midi
Koan music data (SSeyo) skp application/vnd.koan
Speech synthesis data (MVP Solutions) talk text/x-speech
Video Types    
MPEG video mpeg mpg mpe video/mpeg
MPEG-2 video mpv2 mp2v video/mpeg-2
Macintosh Quicktime qt mov video/quicktime
Microsoft video avi video/x-msvideo
SGI Movie format movie video/x-sgi-movie
VDOlive streaming video (VDOnet) vdo video/vdo
Vivo streaming video (Vivo software) viv video/
Special HTTP/Web Application Types    
Proxy autoconfiguration (Netscape browsers) pac application/x-ns-proxy-autoconfig
See Chapter 6   application/x-www-form-urlencoded
See Chapter 9   application/x-www-local-exec
See Chapter 9 (Netscape extension)   multipart/x-mixed-replace
See Chapter 9 and Appendix B   multipart/form-data
Netscape Cooltalk chat data (Netscape) ice x-conference/x-cooltalk
Interactive chat (Ichat)   application/x-chat
Application Types    
PostScript ai eps ps application/postscript
Microsoft Rich Text Format rtf application/rtf
Adobe Acrobat PDF pdf application/pdf
Maker Interchange Format (FrameMaker) mif application/vnd.mif
Troff document t tr roff application/x-troff
Troff document with MAN macros man application/x-troff-man
Troff document with ME macros me application/x-troff-me
Troff document with MS macros ms application/x-troff-ms
LaTeX document latex application/x-latex
Tex/LateX document tex application/x-tex
GNU TexInfo document texinfo texi application/x-texinfo
TeX dvi format dvi application/x-dvi
MacWrite document ?? application/macwriteii
MS word document ?? application/msword
WordPerfect 5.1 document ?? application/wordperfect5.1
SGML application (RFC 1874)   application/sgml
Office Document Architecture oda application/oda
Envoy Document evy application/envoy
Wang Info. Tranfer Format (Wang)   application/wita
DEC Document Transfer Format (DEC)   application/dec-dx
IBM Document Content Architecture (IBM)   application/dca-rft
CommonGround Digital Paper (No Hands Software)   application/commonground
FrameMaker Documents (Frame) doc fm frm frame application/vnd.framemaker
Remote printing at arbitrary printers (RFC 1486)   application/remote-printing
Archive/Compressed Archives    
Gnu tar format gtar application/x-gtar
4.3BSD tar format tar application/x-tar
POSIX tar format ustar application/x-ustar
Old CPIO format bcpio application/x-bcpio
POSIX CPIO format cpio application/x-cpio
UNIX sh shell archive shar application/x-shar
DOS/PC - Pkzipped archive zip application/zip
Macintosh Binhexed archive hqx application/mac-binhex40
Macintosh Stuffit Archive sit sea application/x-stuffit
Fractal Image Format fif application/fractals
Binary, UUencoded bin uu application/octet-stream
PC executable exe application/octet-stream
WAIS "sources" src wsrc application/x-wais-source
NCSA HDF data format hdf application/hdf
Downloadable Program/Scripts    
Javascript program js ls mocha text/javascript
VBScript program   text/vbscript
UNIX bourne shell program sh application/x-sh
UNIX c-shell program csh application/x-csh
Perl program pl application/x-perl
Tcl (Tool Control Language) program tcl application/x-tcl
Atomicmail program scripts (obsolete)   application/atomicmail
Slate documents - executable enclosures (BBN)   application/slate
Undefined binary data (often executable progs)   application/octet-stream
RISC OS Executable programs (ANT Limited)   application/riscos
Andrew Toolkit inset   application/andrew-inset
FutureSplash vector animation (FutureWave) spl application/futuresplash
mBED multimedia data (mBED) mbd application/mbedlet
Macromedia Shockwave (Macromedia)   application/x-director
Sizzler real-time video/animation   application/x-sprite
PowerMedia multimedia (RadMedia) rad application/x-rad-powermedia
PowerPoint presentation (Microsoft) ppz application/mspowerpoint
PointPlus presentation data (Net Scene) css application/x-pointplus
ASAP WordPower (Software Publishing Corp.) asp application/x-asap
Astound Web Player multimedia data (GoldDisk) asn application/astound
Special Embedded Object    
OLE script e.g. Visual Basic (Ncompass) axs application/x-olescript
OLE Object (Microsoft/NCompass) ods application/x-oleobject
OpenScape OLE/OCX objects ([email protected]) opp x-form/x-openscape
Visual Basic objects (Amara) wba application/x-webbasic
Specialized data entry forms (Alpha Software) frm application/x-alpha-form
client-server objects (Wayfarer Communications) wfx x-script/x-wfxclient
General Applications    
Undefined binary data (often executable progs)   application/octet-stream
CALS (U.S. D.O.D data format - RFC 1895)   application/cals-1840
Pointcast news data (Pointcast) pcn application/x-pcn
Excel spreadsheet (Microsoft)   application/
PowerPoint (Microsoft) ppt application/
Microsoft Project (Microsoft)   application/
Works data (Microsoft)   application/
MAPI data (Microsoft)   application/
Artgallery data (Microsoft)   application/vnd.artgalry
SourceView document (Dataware Electronics) svd application/vnd.svd
Truedoc (Bitstream)   application/vnd.truedoc
Net Install - software install (20/20 Software) ins application/x-net-install
Carbon Copy - remote control/access (Microcom) ccv application/ccv
Spreadsheets (Visual Components) vts workbook/formulaone
Cybercash digital money (Cybercash)   application/cybercash
Format for sending generic Macintosh files   application/applefile
Active message -- connect to active mail app.   application/activemessage
X.400 mail message body part (RFC 1494)   application/x400-bp
USENET news message id (RFC 1036)   application/news-message-id
USENET news message (RFC 1036)   application/news-transmission
Multipart Types (mostly email)    
Messages with multiple parts   multipart/mixed
Messages with multiple, alternative parts   multipart/alternative
Message with multiple, related parts   multipart/related
Multiple parts are digests   multipart/digest
For reporting of email status (admin.)   multipart/report
Order of parts does not matter   multipart/parallel
Macintosh file data   multipart/appledouble
Aggregate messages; descriptor as header   multipart/header-set
Container for voice-mail   multipart/voice-message
HTML FORM data (see Ch. 9 and App. B)   multipart/form-data
Infinite multiparts - See Chapter 9 (Netscape)   multipart/x-mixed-replace
Message Types (mostly email)    
MIME message   message/rfc822
Partial message   message/partial
Message containing external references   message/external-body
Message containing USENET news   message/news
HTTP message   message/http
2D/3D Data/Virtual Reality Types    
VRML data file wrl vrml x-world/x-vrml(changing to model/vrml)
WIRL - VRML data (VREAM) vrw x-world/x-vream
Play3D 3d scene data (Play3D) p3d application/x-p3d
Viscape Interactive 3d world data (Superscape) svr x-world/x-svr
WebActive 3d data (Plastic Thought) wvr x-world/x-wvr
QuickDraw3D scene data (Apple) 3dmf x-world/x-3dmf
Scientific/Math/CAD Types    
Chemical types -- to communicate information about chemical models   chemical/* (several subtypes)
Mathematica notebook ma application/mathematica
Computational meshes for numerical simulations msh x-model/x-mesh(evolving to model/mesh)
Vis5D 5-dimensional data v5d application/vis5d
IGES models -- CAD/CAM (CGM) data igs application/iges(evolving to model/iges?)
Autocad WHIP vector drawings dwf drawing/x-dwf
Largely Platform-Specific Types    
Silicon Graphics Specific Types    
Showcase Presentations showcase slides sc sho show application/x-showcase
Insight Manual pages ins insight application/x-insight
Iris Annotator data ano application/x-annotator
Directory Viewer dir application/x-dirview
Software License lic application/x-enterlicense
Fax manager file faxmgr application/x-fax-manager
Fax job data file faxmgrjob application/x-fax-manager-job
IconBook data icnbk application/x-iconbook
? wb application/x-inpview
Installable software in 'inst' format inst application/x-install
Mail folder mail application/x-mailfolder
? pp ppages application/x-ppages
Data for printer (via lpr) sgi-lpr application/x-sgi-lpr
Software in 'tardist' format tardist application/x-tardist
Software in compressed 'tardist' format ztardist application/x-ztardist
WingZ spreadsheet wkz application/x-wingz
Open Inventor 3-D scenes iv graphics/x-inventor

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