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开源PHP用户管理程序 UserCake

开源PHP用户管理程序 UserCake

UserCake is a free user management system, built with PHP/MySQL, which aims to be a foundation to ease creating the application.

开源PHP用户管理程序 UserCake

UserCake is object-oriented, cleanly written, well commented, formatted & documented.


  1. Login
  2. Register
  3. Lost password
  4. Update password
  5. Update user details
  6. Email templates (optional)
  7. SHA1 security + Salt / Hash
  8. Account activation (optional)
  9. User groups (Basic, id - group_name)

The system comes with frequently used member-page functions like




which will help developing faster.

And, in means of security, UserCake uses salt along with a SHA1 hash.

安装环境: PHP 5+ & MYSQL or MYSQLi

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