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1. Ajax Rain

AjaxRain has illustrated examples of some nifty web-fx that can be achieved with combinations of AJAX, CSS, DHTML or Javascript. Some of the demos are definitely worth a look, even if you aren’t a web designer/programmer.

Ajax/Javascript Examples

EXT JS Date Picker
jQuery Feed Menu
FastFind Menu – Jquery
Spiffy Accordion

2. Ajax Daddy

A large collection of nifty web 2.0 tools. One neat feature is that you can play with the demo online, before you decide to put the example on your own website.

Ajax/Javascript Examples

Flickr Like edit
MooTools Autocomplete
SlideShow Viewer
Prototype window

3. Mini Ajax

MiniAJAX is a very nice small collection of DHTML and AJAX scripts, the kind of snippets very useful that you can use anywhere.

Ajax/Javascript Examples

Prototype Window – Demo
AJAX Star Rating Bar – Demo
Heatmap for your website
An AJAX contact form
Digg – like spy script

4. Ajaxian

A lot of information about AJAX including examples, blogs, forums, conferences and tutorials. Always fresh and up to date.

Ajax/Javascript Examples

Ajaxified Body
flXHR: Flash based XHR from flensed
jsTree: jQuery-based JavaScript tree component

5. DHTML Goodies

A library of DHTML and Ajax scripts, demos and tutorials. The scripts range from menus, windows, caledars, to galleries and Ajax work.

Ajax/Javascript Examples

Quick Edit
News rotator
Color picker script
Chained select widget

6. Javascript Kit

A comprehensive resource for JavaScript tutorials and scripts. Also features DHTML, CSS, and web design tutorials, and a large developer’s help forum.

Ajax/Javascript Examples

Rich HTML Ticker
Combo Boxes
Text effects
Windows, remotes, frames etc

7. Dynamic Drive

One of my favorite JavaScript and CSS haunts online. A great reference for any sort of DHTML/Javascript/Client-side scripting with detailed and understandable steps for beginners.

Ajax/Javascript Examples

Step Carousel Viewer
Ajax Pagination script
All Levels Navigational Menu
Circling text trail
Drop Down/ Overlapping Content

8. DHTML Site

You will find a directory of useful AJAX/DHTML scripts and tutorials. The scripts range from Page Effects, Tool Tips and Drag and Drop to Calendars, Window Effects and Image Galleries.

Ajax/Javascript Examples

Starbox – rating stars for prototype
Multibox gallery
jQuery Lightbox
Sliding Panels for jQuery

9. Solutoire

A wide collection showcasing some great example of javascript and ajax demos and tutorials. Different javascript libraries and their examples are included: jQuery, Scriptaculous, mootools and more.

Ajax/Javascript Examples

Simple Scriptaculous autocomplete
Build SOA Ajax clients with the Dojo toolkit
How to Develop WebApps with Ajax, Pt. 1
GWT Autocompleting Textbox

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