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OpenX + Google Adsense

Can I display and track Google AdSense ads with OpenX?

Yes! In fact, this is by far the most popular ad network used by OpenX publishers.

To display Google AdSense ads use a ‘HTML banner’ and paste in the ad tag given to you by Google.

Using Google AdSense is a popular way to display content-relevant text or image creatives on your website. It's often the first ad network used by OpenX publishers.

By serving your Google AdSense ads through OpenX you get far greater control over your online advertising which means you can try different techniques to increase your ad revenue, for example:

  • Ad rotation so you can easily try many ad networks at once.
  • Click-tracking reports so you can see how well your AdSense creatives are performing compared with other ad networks.
  • Targeting options so you can decide who sees which ads, for instance showing one network to US visitors and a different network for European vistors
  • Campaign priorities so you can give preference to valuable ad campaigns when they are available.
  • Campaign performance goals so when you get your first direct advertising deal you can be confident of delivering it to schedule.

This tutorial will take you through the process of loading your Google AdSense ad tags into OpenX.

To load your Google Adsense ad tags into OpenX follow these steps:

  • Create a new Advertiser named 'Google AdSense':
    • Click on the main Inventory tab.
    • If currently working as an Administrator, you must choose a Manager account to work under by clicking the Switch to this account button next to the account name. When working as a Manager you will see the Advertiser overview page.
    • Click Create new advertiser
  • Add an Ad Campaign as 'AdSense Campaign':
    • On the Campaign Overview tab of the advertiser, click Add new campaign.
    • Most likely you will want to use the default campaign settings. For details on campaign settings see here.
  • In the Banner overview page select Add new banner.
  • Then select 'HTML banner' from the banner type drop-down.
  • Paste the ad tag you received from Google into the text field located beneath the banner type drop-down.
  • To ensure that clicks are tracked, make sure that the Alter HTML to enable tracking of Clicks box is checked and you have selected 'Rich Media - Google AdSense' from the adjacent drop-down.
  • Lastly, don't forget to set the size of the AdSense banner. You must set a size in order to properly link the banner to a zone of the same size. Otherwise, you must use a wildcard zone size or non-zone invocation.

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